An electronic logging device (ELD) is a piece of hardware used to record driving time for commercial motor vehicles. It plugs into a vehicle and captures data on the vehicle’s engine, location, speed, miles driven, and more.


i. ELDs are mainly used to record Hours of Service (HOS), which includes the number of hours a commercial driver spends driving per day and how many hours they are on- or off-duty per week. ELDs with built-in GPS tracking, gyroscopes, and accelerometers can record additional information, including:

ii. Real-time GPS

iii. Engine speed and load

iv. Fuel efficiency, idling, and mileage.

v. Diagnostics and safety-related events


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Pronounced “eye-oh-six,” the name was chosen as a play on POSiX, a family of UNIX interoperability standards. At IOSiX we pride ourselves on developing devices that will work with a wide variety of vehicles and applications for years to come.

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